If you want to succeed in society you have to let people who don’t know anything teach you a lot of things you already know.


A corrupt White politician is not seen as an “embarrassment to the race;” financial scandals are not seen as a negative reflection on White power.


I find that there is nothing barbarous and savage in this nation


But what I have said about these savages is to show that, while we condemn them so austerely for going about shamelessly with their bodies entirely uncovered, we ourselves, in the sumptuous display, superfluity, and excess of our own costume, are hardly more laudable


The growing similarity of different areas of the world is a defining trait of nineteenth-century civilization, which stopped being solely European and took on an international air


The media often reproduce Eurocentric views of African spirit religions, for example, by regarding them as superstitious cults rather than as legitimate belief-systems


We cry our cry of poetry. Our boats are open, and we sail them for everyone.


There is no deluxe in Brazil. We are poor, miserable


Experience of the abyss lies inside and outside the abyss. The torment of those who never escaped it: straight from the belly of the slave ship into the violet belly of the ocean depths they went.


No greater service could be done to Latin America itself than for Germany, England and the United States to take joint possession and control of all Latin-American countries except Mexico, Chili, and the Argentine, and govern them as dependencies.


If the Spaniards had not had arquebusses and cross-bows, they must have been destroyed, for the Indians advanced with the determination of grappling with and boarding the vessels.